BLACK STZY Valves Tubeless Valve set with MK2 Top Cap with built in core remover 44-60mm

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Introduction our new Mk2 Valve Cap

One Pair of Stzy tubeless valves.

Stzy Valve Set for Tubeless Ready Wheels Includes Core Removal Cap


These valve sets are suitable for Mountain, gravel and Road bikes or any tubeless ready wheel set.

Our tubeless wheel valves are made with high quality 7075 aluminium valve stems, with a precision engineered removable valve core and a dust cap that doubles as a valve core removal tool. They are compatible with all tubeless ready wheels and tyres as part of tubeless wheel conversion.


Stzy Valve Set Features:


  • Removable valve core for easy inflation and addition of sealant
  • O-Ring Seal For An Air-Tight fit
  • 44mm or 60mm Tubeless Valve
  • 4mm machined Allen Key slot for easy installation/removal
  • Includes Presta valve core
  • Valve type: Presta
  • Includes valve core removal tool
  • Valve material: 7075 aluminium alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Oxygen electrode